World of Twine

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
千里之行,始於足下, by the Chinese philosopherLaozi
Step into the World of Twine – somewhere just beyond your imagination.


Update  February 11, 2019

Working hard to get the demo out by Summer of 2019

Update October 17, 2017

A great deal has happened since our last update. For one you can follow me on Twitter at John Bell@worldoftwine

Facebook and the book at

We now have our own Wiki at

We are now trying to get a demo out to you in the next few months and the demo out by 2019.  Since expectations are pretty high in the marketplace, it must be use the latest technology and graphics and sound as well as cutting edge VR. No small challenge. But we will get there.

Update July 29, 2017

The development of World of Twine has gone on now for more than year as we hurry to finish the demo and put it up for Virtual Reality on Google Games – also a Facebook App and through other sources. We will be putting up links to how you can join us either work with or for Crystalware in developing and testing the Simulation, invest and even host a game server and make some money – and/or take part in the Crowd-Funding which is our preferred way of financing this and finally we are making a lot of progress getting this out.Of course, there will be a few real surprises and new features in WOT (World of Twine). You will discover them as you try the free demo and we are on the cutting edge of graphics VR and even augmented reality. WOT will be mostly created by members and players and will continue to evolve. You will be able to have your own area which you can edit and modify and have others visit. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and our webpage at

Facebook: World of Twine on Facebook
Twitter : John Bell@worldoftwine
Homepage :

John Bell – co-creator of World of Twine.

Update May 17, 2017

“Someday I will begin my adventure beyond this palace, beyond this world of hypocrisy and futility. Things mean nothing and days go by unending – repetitive – I must leave this prison. It is one I have created for myself,” she thought.

“You will never leave and if you do, you must take me with you – your dark sister – for you will never be able to escape me,” said Eniwt.

“I shall. Even if I must kill you. I must.”

“Then we would both die,” said Eniwt.

Twine – 16th birthday – November 5th in the Palace of Versailles – 1685.

Artwork Melanie Delon “Trapped”

Work on World of Twine continues. One of the greatest challenges is to develop a way for a player to interact without the use of any handheld device and we are closer to making that happen. How we do this will be announced when the Demo is out and playable on the Gear VR headset and possibly other headsets that are very reasonable in price. There is no point in making something that people can’t afford to buy. The price range for the hardware should be from $20-$30 American dollars not $100-200. We will provide an “opt out” from the VR and Augmented reality where you can easily take care of in real life issues and even do your VR just about anywhere. This has never been done before, and World of Twine will be state of the art in realism, fx, and with a user interface that requires no manual. It’s use will be intuitive and with the skills most of the people on the net already have they will be able to play without reading anything. The Demo will be free and if we can work things out you can play for free as well. As with Second Life and other online games you can get a premium membership, custom mounts, and other features. More information is coming on here, the Wiki at and our homepage It is a very hard thing to create a state-of-the-art simulation and already we have dozens of people working with us. John Bell – Crystalware – CDN

Update April 18, 2017

Working on more content on the

World of Creators – The Global Team
Spheres of Twine
Twine – The Hypergird – Opensim
Circle of Names – Core Starter Characters
These will be redrawn and updated.
Twine Wiki is up.
World of Twine Wiki
Just got the embedded YouTube videos running and you can watch a few excerpts from movies and videos that inspired the character for Twine now – also you can find us on Facebook here
World of Twine on Facebook

Update April 18, 2017 – The Swamp Demo is coming

World of Twine – WOT

Working on both the Facebook page as well as our site on Now dozens of people are on board and working hard on the demo – perhaps in time it will be hundreds. It is not an easy challenge. As we spoke last night, I have been told the Mythos – the story behind this simulation in as important as the VR/Augment product. There are many companies working on games – some even making movies – but the core – what is vital more than special effects is for people to care and be involved in not just one life – but a world – in fact many worlds. Who would be a hero that could last decades in a highly competitive industry? Twine and her darker self – Eniwt. Torn and born in the Palace of Versailles – in 1669. Daughter of Louis IV and his famous mistress Athenais.

Twine’s Mother – Athenais – mistress of Louis XIV

Twine by the Portal


Fiercely independent – leaving France – becoming a pirate with her lover Adrian – so devoted to her.

Yet it begins in the Bayou in Louisiana in 1686. You join her in search of the portal – ancient – looking for her sister Eniwt. Is she real or in search of a phantom of her mind she can never find? A new world of VR with stunning graphics, sound, and it is – real – step through the portal into the future somewhere just beyond your imagination.

Update February 1, 2017Twine Wiki – World of Twine Wiki is nearly ready and should be up in a few days.  The Crystalware Defense and Nanotechnology which is producing this simulation will also be ready for a completely new look and design.

Also we will enter the now notorious world of Twitter. The Demo app to run on Android as well as other platforms using a Samsung Gear VR (Oculus) and other devices should be here by March.

Update January 17, 2017

The coming of Twine Wiki.  We are almost ready to put up the  Wiki database for all that is Twine. This will give a far more usable way for people to learn more about the Virtual Reality Massive-Multi-User game – World of Twine.

Update January 10, 2017

Up before dawn after meetings with programmers, artists, even a few movie stars and directors late into the night. WOT is coming for 2017. There are so many games and especially many coming for Virtual Reality. Facebook owns Oculus – the VR affordable headset and Mark Zuckerberg believes VR is what will be the cutting edge of communication. It will effect the world as much as the coming of the desktop and laptop computers. It isn’t just having a technical and eye candy simulation – one artist told me “John, we must bring back the magic to people who have lost it in their lives. The childlike wonder of discovery and adventure.” A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and as we first watched an E and Ks dance around on an Apple next to Steve Job and Steve Wozniak at the Byte Shop in San Jose (they made a movie of this) once again my cousin and I, like modern day Hewlett and Packards have set out on a programming and creative journey with what will be hundreds of others. Investors – adverstising – merchandising – coders – as well as some of the very best minds in many fields – to make this happen. It is a challenge.
Thank you to Facebook as our first site is born and people begin to visit.
32 teams in all – not just 32 people will be needed to do this – and one by one they are coming together.
Twine Wiki – has been born and will be a knowledge base for all that is Twine and Crystalware – reborn to create this.
“She crept inside to the world below…”

The battle between light and darkness will ever continue. Whether it is between humans and demons of the Christian past or creatures from the desolate deserts and wastelands of sand and heat or those from Asia – Africa – Latin America – Europe – from all times – past, present, and future.

World of Twine will be a  Virtual World – an MMPOG – Massively Multiplayer Online Game  with a land area greater than Texas (lol) irl – a continuing creation of its users – long after I am gone – a legacy for my son Skye and Duel’s family and for all who decide to join us – to create a new world of magic and wonder and have the child within them, the exporer, the warrior, the ruler and the deepest parts awaken – once more.

John Bell – one of the creators of World of Twine.

Update November 23, 2016 – Today I will be posting a new section on the main areas within WOT and a lot more information on the game design. It will not be that long before many of you will stand in VR ready to enter and explore a vast simulation – a great deal of it – most of it – designed by you – and those who are part of this.  John Bell

New – World of Creators – The Global Team
New – Spheres of Twine
New – Twine – The Hypergird – Opensim
New – Circle of Names – Core Starter Characters

Since we now have heavy traffic on this site – the video below can be a bit laggy so I am including a direct link to the tutorial – Particle Tutorial Demo – which will play faster. This video inspired what will be the VR simulation as Twine enters the Time Rift leading to what is both future and past – one and the same – The first World of Twine.

The future of video is VR. (Virtual Reality – 3D) – WOT – World of Twine for 2017. Imagine anywhere you are being able to immerse yourself in a VR world. A technology that will make all other games and genre obsolete. State of the art gaming on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer – something far more than has been done yet- expect us – you knew we were coming – Crystalware

Twine leaving through Time Portal – inspiration
The Day the Earth Stood Still – 2008


TwineTheMirrorFacebook – World of Twine

August 16, 2016 – Update – Today we will be putting up more information for the “crowd funding” aspect of WOT. We will be inviting people globally to be a part of WOT – suggestions for design and implemention – and will also be talking to FTC as to what we can offer those who contribute with their work – funding and ideas – to share in the success of WOT.  Recently Star Citizen was able to raise over $80,000,000 dollars for development and it will take thousands of people and millions of dollars to do World of Twine well.

We live in a time of super technology, graphics, credit card sized computers, and now breakthrough technology we are developing at Crystalware – CDN – for a new generation of CVision viewers to enable you to experience WOT anywhere – with a very reasonable – light-weight CVision device.

Currently I will be putting more tabs on this site – and we are outlining the teams we will need to do this. This isn’t a job for dozens – it is a task for thousands.  The job will never really be done – nor WOT finished – for it will continue to grow and develop – hopefully over many years.

John Bell – Game Designer – WOT

This video was so inspirational in the design and creation of the book Witchmaker Twine and VR simulation and game – World of Twine

Witchmaker Twine –  World of Twine
“That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”

The battle forever until the end – between light and darkness
The bond of blood is greater than earth, air, fire or water. Across the years, through the veil of tears and suffering, even beyond the touch of death and hate, it endures. Within the darkness we find knowledge and understanding when we must walk with closed eyes and follow a path no other can see when the light stubbornly refuses to shine.

video – Era –
“she crept inside to the world below”

In the world of 2017 and in our universe Twine was a runaway chased into the Bayou and left for dead. She met and formed The Circle (composed of 22 animals and creatures as well as humans) who she gifted with the ability to travel in time through the Plasmid Rift to future. Each character – had natural, elemental, and natures which embodied the paths of enlightenment found in the Arcana – the Tarot – Rota – The Wheel.This world changes after Twine’s first passage into the Plasmid Rift. Although It has been said that altering the past can change the present – would changing the future alter our reality? Her first journey – which all players must take and experience and resolve – creates a new reality of what is the present and each player in their own way helps to create it as well.

Using the newest technologies of UHD (hi-res to the limit of human vision) – Dimen-Sound – for a wider fuller audio experience – playable on multiple platforms using Octa-core technology with a reality that extends in 23 dimensions and edges the limits of an infinite simulation – more than any game ever created – until now. Portable VR – MMOG – Massive Multiplayer Online Game

Tech Update July 19, 2016 Tuesday

Creating CVision ™ One of the challenges in creating World of Twine for 2017 will be creating new hardware for users to view the VR. There are a number of glasses i.e. Oculus Gear or Rift – but in implementing a portable experience on your smart phone or other device, they are much too heavy. Also if we are going to process the information by WiFi at a high enough speed – it simply won’t be fast enough for the UHD (Ultra High Def) we need to create an immersive experience. There is still a lot of debate as to what is the limit of human vision.

There has to be a lot more resolution on what we focus on and despite the reality in life that we cannot zoom, in a good VR game we will be able to. Nothing ruins the illusion more than seeing low res as a gamer uses his Optiscan Device – one either bought or a part of one of the 22 races in WOT. What can we do beyond the plop and drop of a smart phone into a cardboard holder with uses its screen to generate VR? Something else. Originally Crystalware created a magazine called CrystalVision and the idea with CVision is to create an image which approaches the limit of human sight with our new breakthrough technologies.

Tomorrow’s gamers will expect a lot in performance and a GUI (graphical user interface) which is so friendly they can use it without learning a lot of new skills from the ways they already know from other apps and games. While there will be numerous documents and even manuals, one is not necessary to play WOT and you don’t need to learn anything as you first login and enter Virtual Crystal Space ™. VCS™.

You will not be locked into an FPS (First Person Shooter) environment. Already that has been a lot of debate about fitting into the standard definition of VR. So we won’t. This will be VCS and it will be different. If you want to move the camera 3 feet in back of and above your head you can. In face, you can move it anywhere -given the environment and natural limitations of things you cannot see through or would be in the middle of. You are the director of this movie – and what you do changes it for everyone. You are more than in a game – you are part of a VCS multi-dimensional world – past – present – and future – it is up to you how much control you have over it – from a great ruler to a slimy bug in the deep swamp – but not so much – and perhaps very interesting to deal with– how much it has over you.

For updates you can follow our Facebook page at World of Twine  Facebook – World of Twine

John Bell – Crystalware (Defense and Nanotechnology)
Fantasyland 2041 A.D.  – Sands of Mars – Dragon’s Lair – and now – World of Twine
“The world of tomorrow – today.”

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    1. Hello Skye my son – and you are always welcome here. Hope you will help us beta-test WOT and also create some of the creatures. John Bell

      1. for one thing im wondering how you got the comment system working i for a second thought they were fake lol 🙂

        1. Hello Skye. Comment system is working ok. The site is still under construction and will be responding more today. Great to see you here.

    1. Hello Mike. The is based on a Mythos of a book coming out based on the daughter of a witch who lived at the time of Louis XIV at the palace of Versailles in France in the late 1600s. After a journey from France to the Lousiana Bayou – it is here – in “the world below” Twine discovers a multi-dimensional portal. Bascially it is about suriviving in a universe which is constantly changing – and is created in many ways by the players. Against a backdrop of VR – real VR – you may play alone or with others. There is no rule book or instruction manual. People may write them and share them – but the idea is to have a high quality group of worlds – through time and space – which continues to evolve. I am putting up more tabs on the specifics of areas – game play – and it will be a MMOG – Massively Multi-Player online game you can access through just about any device – i.e. smart phone – tablet -desk or laptop and have high speed VR to custom designed “glasses” we are making. Ambitious? Very. It will be the users and players that make Twine – WOT – and push it beyond the limits of our current technology – jb

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