Circle of Names

Starting Core Characters – Race and Types

John Bell – Game Designer – WOT

World of Twine – WOT

Document 005 – September 7, 2016

Subject: Book of Characters- Circle of Names – Default Characters

To: Duel Hyde from John Bell

Intro: When players begin they can choose a character without configuring anything.

Book of the Circle Names

Simply put – at the beginning of World of Twine there were to be 22 characters – there are 42 – total and 22 of these are primaries – i.e. Members of The Circle. World of Twine is very “Elemental” and “Correspondence” oriented. These archetypes are mean to give players a list of defaults they can play instantly. Custom characters cost as do custom allies, NPCs, and mounts. Yet to begin – we have 42 Avatars to construct and this will be done by the Avatar Team.

Although the circle has 22 characters – originally in Clonus 42 were developed – As I work on this it is coming to me that Plasmid – should be the world of the Metal men – Replicants – or non-humans – also in time I will assign animal morphs for some of these characters as well as perm morphs for ones who will remain non-human.

For now, I have pics or drawings of them and names – for any merchandisers these would be great dolls or toys.

Group I – Sally Free, Dweeb, Sam the Man, Shakta, Kiyoki, Alan Airborne

The First Group – Sally Free, Dweeb, Sam the Man, Shakta, Kiyoki, and Alan Airborne are meant to be multi racial and cultural.

1) Sally Free is our wild child – somewhat like Linda Hamilton in Terminator. She is a warrior – tough as nails – wildly Scorpio sexually, and a survivor.

2) Dweeb – or whatever term the team may think better – is our nerd. He is highly intelligent – a skilled hacker – and can program bots and if they select to “Party” i.e. group and fight – he also is a capable thief – stealth and very loyal.

3) Sam the Man – personified black and gifted. He is smart – crafty – amazing at negotiating and getting out of blind alleys and has a good and caring heart.

4) Shakta from India – She is very spiritual and also gifted in many ways. In the World of Twine her power is great and her ability to summon and use magic, one of the greatest in the game.

5) Kiyoki – is a cross of Aboriginal and Eskimo – he is a hunter gatherer expert – herbal and a Shaman of sorts. He is a healer as well.

6) Alan Airborne personifies special forces, able to pilot and fly anything and he is also an expert in explosives and all high tech weapons.

Group 2 – Ahar Azed, Panther, Trouble, Cindy Baud, Sahi, Stud

The Second Group

7) Ahar Azed is Muslim. He is highly intelligent – deeply motivated and perceives things differently than in Western Civilization. He can work well in groups – organizes, attacks, infiltrates.

*** creator note – unlike other characters these thrive in Vivid – Solaris (desert) – Wasteland. Even beyond the Fire elementals – they embrace and some worship aspects of the Sun – or radiant body in this reality that gives life.

8) Panther and 9) Trouble often travel as a team and can be very dangerous. Panther is a master of stealth, stalking, and fighting. Trouble embodies the female element of passion, seduction, and relentless pursuit of revenge and closure. She is also an Ace Hacker of the first order. She will hunt people down and is able to get information by pleasure or torture. She is the head of a guild which embodies this spirit.

10) Cindy Baud – is our Data Miner and knowing person with direct access to just about anything you need to find out. She is also a joiner – i.e. will team with a male or female who is more of a fighter.

11) Sahi is Oriental or Central or Southeast Asian. Martial Arts – Deep insight and great loyalty.

12) Stud personifies the male who is a total expression of sexuality in male form. He can use his abilities to seduce just about anything that moves and persuade people. He is good with money and making it as well as business. He has many attributes not usually coupled with those of his nature.

Group 3 – Deborah B., Dan Dungeon, John Gunn, Joe QBack, Stoner, Dr. Panic

The Third Group

*** creator note – this group is purely air – Celestia –Skyelin – They all are based on real life people – Deborah B. my editor for my books – and a writer – Dan Dungeon – gamer – John Gunn (Dr. John Ray)– Dr. John – Joe QBack – Joe Montana – Stoner – a biker stoner dude and Dr. Panic (the real name of my dentist)

You might want to change Joe Qback for a black athlete to balance things racially. Even to a well know basketball or football player.

13) Deborah B(ell). She is an intense author type. Very out there and not at all reliable ever. She is highly sexual and although not overtly beautiful is the best of both worlds.

14) Dan Dungeon is our classic gamer. He was born with a control or mouse in his hand and trying to kill something. He rarely sleeps and together with Trouble (the Hacker) can devastate any security system or device. At times he is brilliant and perceptive and able to see connections no one else can. At times he is brain dead and incoherent. He and Stoner do hangout together – and Stoner does like games on occasion.

15) John Gunn is also a pilot. He is sure the final apocalypse is coming tomorrow and he is ready. He is even more versed in weapons and explosives than Alan Airborne.

*** creator note While WOT (World of Twine) has some mystical elements it is not so much a knight, cleric, thief, ranger, sorceress game. Characters do use hard core C4 on what is similar to dragons to blow them up. Now all “magic users” can evade a sniper. John Gunn is a sniper of the first order and hides. He also possesses new tech weapons and cloaking clothes which make him invisible for durations of time. He is far more dangerous than frontal assault combat types or even casters.

16) John QBack is physical. Although his attacks like a lion cannot last long, they can be fast and extremely effective. He can take out an air type intellectual in seconds if he can get close. He also is a leader and inspires people. His effect on moral can turn the tide in a battle. Likewise his ability to influence males or females if he is dressed up is considerable.

17) Stoner– he is a fun dude. He knows a lot of jokes, can boost morale, and even in the worst times, take come of the pressure off and even make enemies back off. Even when he is out of it, and he has been out of it so much, he has learned to function, he can also see things and have ideas for solutions that come right of the air and yet work.

18) Dr. Panic is scary but necessary at times. He is a walking pharmacy and can do a lot of good or not good. He can energize fighters which can sometimes cost lives but win the battle. He also is a healer and knowledgeable. It is said he can bring the dead back if they haven’t been too damaged and even create Plasmabots – PBs are either huge – human size – or nano and can be very effective in combat. He is a master of germ warfare and poisons as well as genetics. He is very expensive to keep in your party (if you have one or guild). There is a great demand for “Chemists” and he has no loyalty at all. If you can afford him – he can be worth the price.

Group 4 – Lythande, Spyder, Alisha, Pilot Death Wish, Beta Mercan Brian, Trader Tom

The Fourth Group

This come from a Strata which is Prime Dimensional and the six of them together are very formidable

19) Lythande is a Sensa. She is a combination of all kinds of DNA from extraterrestrial to engineered to create the “perfect female.” She has a wide range of psychic as well as kinetic attacks that makes her very hard to defeat. She can shapeshift – translocate in a moment – read minds – and is skilled as a Sensa in giving sensual pleasure which drives people to madness and addiction. Once they have been with a Sensa they can never find satisfaction pleasure truly with any other. She is practical and lives in the temple complex in Perfidia. Yet she can transport almost anywhere instantly. Many players may want to play her – but there is an initiation and series of quests and trials that makes it very hard. When first starting you may use no abilities except her intuition and stealth – no armor and may never wield anything that is metal. She is Twine in the World of Twine and finds herself transformed upon arrival. Her soulmate and can be nemesis is Spyder.

20) Spyder – Original inventor of the wrist device which fires a hook and steel silk and pull on up walls and into trees in seconds. Like Lythande, Spyder may wear no armor or use anything metal. He has organized in their world – The Skin Resistance forces and they are in the middle of a revolt against the Emperor. He does not talk a lot and expects people to anticipate what he wants and needs. He loves Lythande body and soul and together they are a team almost unbeatable.

21) Alisha – None know if Alisha is the daughter of Lythande and Spyder but she is the student and adept of Lythande. As Lythande becomes older Alisha takes care of her and is said to be even more skilled at 12 years old than Lythande in many ways. It is forbidden for her to be a Sensa until she is of age and remains untouched physically or sexually – a challenge to any who would even try to win her affection or heart. She can use Plasmid weapons that neither Spyder or Lythande can and she can meld with the Cybers and bots and intercept their communications and destroy them. She is always targeted by Cybers when they attack.

22) Pilot Death Wish is that. He can get you anywhere want to go – even teleporting in the middle of places that take fierce fighting usually to get to in an instant. Once you are there however he is not a fighter. He will not even fire a weapon except when in transport from a vehicle. His primary vehicle is a Ground Skimmer which can take on almost anything in the air or sea and evade all defense systems. His price, like Dr Panic is considerable. But he will get you places no one else can.

23) Beta Mercan Brian is a merchant, weapons, and energy dealer. Anything that needs fuel of any type including the vehicle he can find. His nemesis is

24) Trader Tom – of German origin – who makes a point of stealing and under-cutting his prices in  all universes. He can get you anything almost in the simulation – for a price.

Group 5 – Morphus Catlin, Jammer Zhahai, Suez Zoner (Sarah Conner-Terminator), Linquist Margot, Thief Shadow, Healer Cassandra

The Fifth Group

This group although not in appearance seem to be are of the Water Element and Atzlan.

25) Morphus Catlin is a shapeshifter and embodies all that is feline.

26) Jammer Zhahai Jamaican – black and highly skilled. His abilities go far beyond simple hacking. He can truly mess things up, is very up on explosives- even nukes and even other Jammers (those skilled in his class) fear him.

27) SueZ Zoner – her home is not in water but the wasteland and she rarely comes to her home in Atzlan. A talented fighter, builder, and crafts person

28) Linquist Margot is another archivist and has access to nearly all information and data in all worlds. Her name was Linguist but she felt it was too boring.

29) Thief Shadow is simple, uncomplicated, and highly skilled. He takes things – can get in places to spy that no one else can and is very loyal.

30) Healer Cassandra embodies the element of Water – is a priestess and once was with the Emperor Lakta Cyn as a courtesan.

Group 6 – Droog Malleus, Stealth Swamp Dweller, Keeper Charon, Archivist Socrates, Skin Animal, Guardian Aurora

The Sixth Group

These live and thrive in Necro.

31) Droog Malleus is a particularly ugly and distasteful person. He lives in the Gamma Quadrant in Necropolis and any virtue or worth he has is yet to be discovered. Yet it is said he possesses great knowledge and power in arts which are virtually unknown to all but a few.

32) Stealth Swamp Dweller is a hunter – survivor and thrives also in the Jungle. He is a guide and teaches many skills.

33) Keeper Charon Is the keeper of the dead in the caves and labyrinths beneath Necropolis. His abilities and what he can teach people is a mystery like Droog Malleus and must be discovered by the player.

34) Archivist Socrates not only can access data and knows all histories but can with some degree of accuracy predict the future.

35) Skin Animal is a archetype of the Bull and Minoan civilization. He is a “tank” of the first order being able to take unreal amounts of damage. He is immune to poison, any type of psychic or spiritual control and is nearly impossible to kill. He has a high level of instinct to dodge any incoming projectile and no form of stealth can get past him. The best way to survive Skin Animal is to avoid him.

36) Guardian Aurora lives to serve and protect whoever she is with or chooses to. That is her path. One of service which also gives her great knowledge and power. She is a warrior and also highly skilled with bows of all sorts. She can raise the dead, bless and enhance players for long duration and is a legend in all worlds.

Group 7 – Ant Mutant Ecto, Lakta Cyn (pic spelling wrong), ODG-235, Tweak Tin, Datum Metallica, Blitz Metaborg

The Seventh Group

Plasmid Luciana (Clonus)

In the history of the world there have been few that were equal to a person who emerged after the great Cataclysm with Commander Spyder.

37) Ant Mutant Echo – The Core unit of the underworld of Plasmid. They also live near and battle with the spiders of Arachna Mountain.

38) Lakta Cyn – A leader and a visionary. To play this character one must go through a very complex series of tests and campaigns.

39) ODG-235 – The first primitive Borg designed by Lakta Cyn. Still very powerful and with multi sensors and weapons

40) Tweak Tin – a nanobot which can travel in swarms and Tweak rules the Swarm and commands it. They have their own cyber city – Clonus where that which is pure plasma – a form of what was once metal – lives.

41) Datum Metallica – a fusion of a human and a Borg. The most evolved of the Cybers and highly dangerous

42) Blitz Metaborg is a post transformer and has crystalline lattice metallic fusion which gives it an armor that like diamond nearly impenetrable and weapons that make it unstoppable. It feeds off gravitons and never runs out of energy. Much more than a terminator – Metaborgs are best avoided.

Watcher is not pictured here and few have any idea what “It” looks like. It is in power and awareness near in intensity to a god.

The 0 group Fire creature – Moltan is in the realm of demons and the dark kindred. What they are like is currently unknown.


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