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Document 004 – September 6, 2016

Subject: Support Teams for World of Twine

To: Duel Hyde from John Bell

Intro: Just listing these teams was challenging enough. There are 32 and no doubt there probably are some areas missing. The main areas are World Design, Audio-Visual, Social, Programming and Admin. At this point, considering our funding, we would be lucky to get 32 people, one for each team, even. However that would be a real start although we would need millions of dollars to do it.

Tasks :


(1) Describe the basic groups we will need to create World of Twine and also start the company and continue running the game.

Data: List of Teams as well as brief explanations. I will further develop this document over time. I am the head of the Team 0 – Genesis-Mythos and also World Design and CEO. You are the head of Team 18 and whatever parts of programming you choose and CTO.


World Design

WOT-Team0 – Genesis-Mythos
WOT-Team1 – Landscape-Terraform
WOT-Team2 – Elements
WOT-Team3 – Flora-Fauna
WOT-Team4 – Creatures
WOT-Team5 – Avatars-NPC
WOT-Team6 – Allies-Pets
WOT-Team7 – Portals-Mounts
WOT-Team8 – Realms-Worlds
WOT-Team9 – Universe


WOT-Team10 – Sound
WOT-Team11 – Art
WOT-Team12 – Animation
WOT-Team12 – Special FX-Particles
WOT-Team13 – Movies-VR Sequences
WOT-Team14 – Physics-Kinetics


WOT-Team15 – Quests
WOT-Team16 – Races and Guilds
WOT-Team17 – Kingdoms


WOT-Team18 – Genesis-Engineering
WOT-Team19 – Viewer
WOT-Team20 – User Interface-Beta Testing
WOT-Team21 – Sentient Intelligence-AI
WOT-Team22 – Waypoints-Triggers-NPC Routines
WOT-Team23 – Porting and Target Systems
WOT-Team24 – Crystal Network- Hosting Servers


Admin and Support

WOT-Team25 – Security-Encryption
WOT-Team27 – Advertising-PR
WOT-Team28 – Product Support
WOT-Team29 – Third Party Developer Support
WOT-Team30 – Sales-Shipping
WOT-Team31 – Corporate
WOT-Team32 – Legal



World Design

WOT-Team0 – Genesis-Mythos In the world of 2017 and in our universe Twine was a runaway chased into the Bayou and left for dead. She met and formed The Circle (composed of 22 animals and creatures as well as humans) who she gifted with the ability to travel in time through the Plasmid Rift to future. Each character – had natural, elemental, and natures which embodied the paths of enlightenment found in the Arcana – the Tarot – Rota – The Wheel. You can find more about the Mythos on the website

WOT-Team1 – Landscape-Terraform – The basic structure anything solid emerges from anything void or water.
WOT-Team2 – Elements – Earth, Air, Water, and Fire – creating these in a VR universe
WOT-Team3 – Flora-Fauna – Plants
WOT-Team4 – Creatures – Critters
WOT-Team5 – Avatars-NPC
WOT-Team6 – Allies-Pets – beings that travel with and even fight for the Avatar – minions or even NPCs
WOT-Team7 – Portals-Mounts – all that transports – from a condition of static to flight or astral
WOT-Team8 – Realms-Worlds – inhabited by intelligence beings or creatures- a super cluster of biomes.
WOT-Team9 – Universe – all of Twine including dimensions and conditions of past or future.

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