Funding Twine

Unlike the days when a single or several programmers could work 24/7 and write a good computer game, things are much different  now.  Also although some may desire to sit back and watch Рa game of this scope will take thousands of people and millions of dollars.

You cannot build a decent building, bridge, or anything without a good foundation.

The videos alone for the transitions between major plot areas and times will involve no less than a movie studio as complex as anything to create a regular motion picture and actors and actresses. Not at all confined because of age, race, country or any of that – there will be script writers – people reading them – and techs synching them to the videos.

We can do much of this on a shoe-string budget – because of the new tech – software and tools – one person can do the work of many – but still we must pull it together of a release in 2017 – with promotion – backing and the reality of a bug-free product .

So – we enter the world of crowd funding as well as meeting with prospective investors irl. Real life company – bookeepers – accountants – lawyers – all of it.

All of this must be done with compromising the free creativity of a game unique and a first – that is doable.

More details here with links on the crowd-funding project and progress.  Consulting with people to be sure we do this right, complying with everything Рand for it to be a success.


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