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Update May 17, 2017

"Someday I will begin my adventure beyond this palace, beyond this world of hypocrisy and futility. Things mean nothing and days go by unending - repetitive - I must leave this prison. It is one I have created for myself," she thought.

"You will never leave and if you do, you must take me with you - your dark sister - for you will never be able to escape me," said Eniwt.

"I shall. Even if I must kill you. I must."

"Then we would both die," said Eniwt.

Twine - 16th birthday - November 5th in the Palace of Versailles - 1685.

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Artwork Melanie Delon "Trapped"

Work on World of Twine continues. One of the greatest challenges is to develop a way for a player to interact without the use of any handheld device and we are closer to making that happen. How we do this will be announced when the Demo is out and playable on the Gear VR headset and possibly other headsets that are very reasonable in price. There is no point in making something that people can't afford to buy. The price range for the hardware should be from $20-$30 American dollars not $100-200. We will provide an "opt out" from the VR and Augmented reality where you can easily take care of in real life issues and even do your VR just about anywhere. This has never been done before, and World of Twine will be state of the art in realism, fx, and with a user interface that requires no manual. It's use will be intuitive and with the skills most of the people on the net already have they will be able to play without reading anything. The Demo will be free and if we can work things out you can play for free as well. As with Second Life and other online games you can get a premium membership, custom mounts, and other features. More information is coming on here, the Wiki at and our homepage It is a very hard thing to create a state-of-the-art simulation and already we have dozens of people working with us. John Bell - Crystalware - CDN


A few years ago my cousin called me going on and on about Unity and what it could do. Later I found a demo video and thought it was just another fancy cut-scene and the game - like so many others with incredible intro turn out to be - a lot less. "It's in real time. We can get that rez and speed real time. What did it look like? Like this...
The Adam demo is a real-time-rendered short film created with the Unity engine by our demo team. It runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980.
by the Unity team at [http:/]

World of Twine


The story and plot line to Twine - The Awakening has progressed a great deal from when I first saw this and was inspired to create World of Twine for Virtual Reality and the Trilogy - Twine. This early writing - well - the new is much better. Twine is coming alive and you will stand beside her in the demo in VR and see her and even adventure with her. Yet the phrase haunted me for a year

The girl below is definitely a lot like Twine in the demo and the game - at first - when she is lost in the swamp and fighting with her evil twin Eniwt - more to come on the trilogy and the mythos behind World of Twine.
"She crept inside to the world below"
The Company of Wolves