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Questing in the Demo

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World of Twine – WOT
Document 010 – November 25, 2016
Subject: Quests of Twine
To: Duel Hyde from John Bell

The Quest Design and functionality is one of the most important parts of the simulation. It is also important to differentiate the quest chains from ambient mode. Basically, this is when a player is doing nothing or in a human wait state. The game is not static. Creatures continue to move around and will attack a player if they are AVR (away from virtual reality – real world)

Quest are object, super-objects, and UOBJ (universal objects). As per dynamics lets break it down. 0 Single player gather – you must go to an area and collect something. There can be varying levels of sophistication for this. Easiest is an open terrain or forest when things are on the ground you find them and bring them back to the QG (Quest Giver) or the QP (Quest Place). Other terms are QO (Quest Object) QE (Quest Entity) XP (experience points) INS (Instance).

Quest Types

1st Single or Party melee where x number of monsters must be killed. Monsters may be guarding a Boss (large monster - sometimes huge.

2nd Single or Party melee hunt and gather – it is the objects that are harvested and not the number of those killed that counts.

3rd Redeem or Doom– Bring back to life or assassinate – Noble and Ninja type quests

4th Activate – Deactivate objects – neutralize defenses or monitors, cameras, or weapons

5th Set Explosives – Nuke – You or your party goes to multiple locations – fighting or sneaking your way in and at the end there is a video of those locations being blown up.

6th Boss kill – locate and kill large monster with or without object which must be harvested.

7th Defend the Flag – must reach location and “plant the Flag” at which point x number of waves of enemies will continue until done. Not all members must survive to credit the quest and kill to all.

8th Go ask your Mother – a link quest where you must go back and forth between to key QGs – with a completion or task done.

9th Man the Turret – You get on or in something which is stationary and fight incoming waves of creatures or soldiers.

10th Campaign – this is complex and may include several stops as you gather an army who will fight in an impressive array with multiple players. To avoid lag and chaos some experiences or created in INS (instance). During those only party members or the player sees what is going on. An INS bails upon quest completion.

11th Training and Pet or Ally Enhance – Some quests are to gain ability or train your pet or ally.

12th Legion of Honor – There is Karma in our simulation. Some actions do not appear to matter but they do. This can be fixed by several actions – all quests – and greatly effect stats and health.

Staring and Completing a Quest

Quest query – monologue of QG or conversation (limited reply by user).

Quest acceptance (yes, no, log, ignore) (a logged quest will keep it in a queue which will remember the place and person but you must go back there to get it).

Quest mode of travel walk, mount, teleport or portal, bot. A bot is different than a mount. Mounts are like winged beasts or rockets or fly packs versus a bot where you see through the eyes of the bot and there is a WAND (wave and now do – my new term – for hand motion and menus) and you pilot it and are inside it for the duration of the Quest with a BAIL option from the bot.

Quest Party Mode Sometimes the QG will send someone or something with you to help you. There can be multiple NPCs (non-player characters) who will have AI and can be quite funny or you will Party for the quest.

Quest Mystery Something not easily seen must be done to fully activate the quest. This can be completed by any member of the party. This is the tough one and brain teaser. You get to the location and something isn’t there – yet – and you must do something to antagonize a monster or summon – etc. and then the QE or QEs will appear.

Quest Action Fighting and killing or interacting with someone or something to get an object or change a state. This could be turning something off. Quest Return Sometimes there is no return. A message pops up and say your done and you complete or take another quest without having to go back. Other times you must go back to the QG and turn it in.

Quest Done You complete the quest and receive an object, a valor or rep credit (something is increased in your stats as well as XP. There will be another document on STATS and LEVELS and well as INVENTORY.

Quest INS (Instance-extra-dimensional) Another important variable is the INS. This can be rather dramatic. In Twine, you go into other dimensions and times. During these episodes, things do not look the same. It can be simply night, bad weather, or mist- or some “afterlife” or strange lighting and particles which really make it tougher and are part of the challenge. So, if you are in another dimension some of the render rules are changed. 3d may be off. Things may rotate or change.

Quest Life and Death People get killed a lot. They may be killed by another player and this can be an honorable kill (only the first kill in x amount of time – by someone with 3 of your level) When a character dies they go in ghost mode and cannot interact with NPCs or anything except to either accept rebirth at the Reaper Zone (small graveyard) with a penalty of sickness or travel to their body and accept resurrection. This is a Quest and unlike other situations we will allow a BAIL if they are stuck in a bug or trapped. This is a logout option with a reset to try and fix whatever bugged out.

Demo Quests - What Next?

So, in conclusion (did you expect this to be massive?) I will begin design of the arrival areas and such for Twine using these basic quest rules. They are simple and should be. There will be enough to do to just make these quests work. This is a principle of least astonishment thing. People in most virtual worlds will expect the look and feel of this. The menu design I will implement will be more VR based than mouse click. Next document 011 will be TTR – The Time Rift

John Bell – Game Designer