Long ago, during the reign of Louis XIV in France, Twine fell in love.  Gabriel DeShaye was a nobleman, who the world thought to be her father,  each day would follow the King who certainly had no qualms about his desire to be the greatest leader and creator of wonder that France ever knew. Perhaps he was.

Françoise-Athénaïs de Rochechouart-Mortemart de Montespan,  or simply called Madame de Montespan, Twine’s Mother, had come to France from the New World from deep in the heart of Louisiana. When she first discovered Twine in Adrian’s arms -an intense fiercely good looking young man who some say had joined in the sinking of not one but many French ships – she knew what soon would happen.

They were suited, Adrian and Twine, from the first moment he stole from the King and from then on was hunted in the palace of Versailles. Yet in 1668 King Louis did not believe in witches and in an edict issued a command that they no longer be executed but exiled from France. Perhaps this was because also in the same year, he discovered that very likely Madame de Montespan, his mistress and lover was one.


Twine still very young, barely 14, had learned much of the craft from her mother. If not a witch, most certainly she was dabbling in the black arts and was later associated with magician Lesage who demanded she defile herself and sleep with him. She nearly clawed his eyes out and he swore he would hunt her for the rest of his life and someday would have her.

Though it was claimed that Lesage was hung, he had bribed a guard and another poor wretch took his place on the gallows. Later he fled back to the Bayou in the New World.

Gabriel took Adrian in his study and offered him a choice. A huge sum of money to leave for the New World and never speak to or contact Twine again.  Adrian, as he could do very well, lied and said he accepted the offer. That night Twine found a note on her pillow

“My dear Twine – we can never be together here and tonight I will wait for you on the ship Celeste heading for the New World and also to hunt down and plunder one of France’s treasure ships as it leaves the coast off La Louisiane. Would you leave all you have and come join me, disguise yourself and travel as my man-servant? Though we both may die It will be glorious. We shall stand side by side in love and as dreaded pirates begin a life together, a never ending adventure. Adrian.”

“Need I write a word?” said Twine packing a small bag. “Hell yes.” and headed towards the harbor.

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